Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth Reviewed

Doctor Who The Woman Who Fell To Earth

What did you think of the return of Doctor Who with The Woman Who Fell To Earth? Did Jodie Whittaker press your timey-wimey buttons? Missed the TARDIS? Or were you *enraged* by the poor Yorkshire accent of one of the supporting cast?

Perhaps the theme tune ticked you off… or the odd roll call of future guest stars.

Either way, your thoughts are mirrored by at least one of our podcast team this week. Click play to hear what Christian Cawley and James McLean thought about The Woman Who Fell to Earth

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One thought on “Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth Reviewed

  1. Looks like I’ll be putting Doctor Who on hiatus for a few years, or however long this new iteration will last for. There’s just too many things pushing me away from the show and it’s a pretty awful feeling considering how long I’ve felt Doctor Who speak to me. The new Doctor doesn’t appeal to me at all and the actress is in my view completely miscast, the new showrunner doesn’t excite me, contemporary companions yet again bores me silly and it looks as though the format of the show isn’t really changing much either. The anti male sentiment that started creeping into the show a few years ago which looks set to continue is just the icing on the cake. Hopefully one day I’ll return to my favourite show, but for the time being I’ll be sitting this one out.

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