Doctor Who Midnight Live Show in Manchester PLUS Kotoricon

Doctor Who Midnight

Last week Brian Terranova and Christian Cawley were both fortunate enough to be able to visit some live Doctor Who-related events, so we’re focussing on discussing these topics this week.

Brian was invited onto a Doctor Who panel at the Kotoricon event, so regaled the team with stories of cosplay and topics that were discussed. Meanwhile Christian travelled to Manchester to view the live (Doctor-free) performance of Russell T Davies’ “Midnight”.

Poor old James did nothing, but that’s okay on this occasion as he is able to ask the right questions on your behalf, dear listener.

If you haven’t listened to our podKast yet, our listener is getting lonely so if you do feel like trying it you can entertain yourself with Whovian whimsy for 30 or so minutes by finding us on Apple Podcasts, where you’ll find some surprisingly complimentary reviews…

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Midnight Live Show in Manchester PLUS Kotoricon

  1. I loved this! Thanks for introducing more of our fans to Doctor Who. Let’s help us make the Doctor a bigger part of KotoriCon 2013. The theme will be zombies, and who has come back to life more than the Doctor?– oh yeah — Rory!
    You can do a panel next year! We can set up Scype so everyone can be involved.
    Sue (Con Chair)

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