Doctor Who Commentary Special: Feast of Steven CGI Remakes

The first Doctor Who episode to air on Christmas Day was back in 1965, smack bang in the middle of The Daleks’ Master Plan. A curio that most fans haven’t seen, the episode exists only as an audio adventure from off air tapes.

Or does it?

Aside from a Peter Purves/Jean Marsh two-hander, alongside the original novelisation, various fan-made productions have been mounted. From telesnap archives to CGI recreations, fans have a wealth of options that while interesting, never quite capture the magic of a real episode. However, these projects are interesting in their own right.

In this week’s special Christmas podKast, Christian Cawley and James McLean watch two CGI remakes of The Daleks’ Master Plan simultaneously. We’d like you to watch along with us, so use these two YouTube videos. First up is The Feast of Steven (Animated):

At the same time, we watched Feast of Steven via the lens of WhoRecons’ animated CGI econstruction

What more can we say? Hit play, enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

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