Doctor Who Commentary: Boom Town

This week’s podKast with a K looks back at the oft-derided Series 1 episode Boom Town. Set in Cardiff, with a return for Mickey Smith and Margaret Slitheen, this is a low-budget episode that was written when a script by Paul Abbot, “The Void”, fell through.

Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian A. Terranova are your hosts. We’d love you to listen to the podKast while watching the episode, too!

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary: Boom Town

  1. Would be great if you quoted the exact minute/spot you are on the video a couple times during the discussion. Seems like I’m always a minute or two (sometimes 5) off and never seem to be spot on to what you’re discussing. (“this scene here”…which scene?? “that’s a nice shot of the TARDIS”…which shot and what was important about the shot??)
    In general I love love your commentaries. You point out a lot of things that I missed. I find myself adding out loud to your commentaries!

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