More Doctor Who Missing Episodes? The PodKast Discusses…

Doctor Who Marco Polo

The possibility of yet more Doctor Who missing episodes being unveiled has tickled the podKast team and so this week Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss the current rumours concerning the BFI and Marco Polo, as well as spending a few moments to reflect upon the amazing story behind Philip Morris.

Meanwhile, we also get excited about The Light at the End, Big Finish’s thrilling 50th anniversary story that pairs Doctors up in extremely interesting and entertaining ways, Mark Gatiss’ hugely anticipated An Adventure in Space and Time and we also discuss Nightmare of Eden and Genesis of the Daleks (plus more than a few minutes on Davros) for our recommendations.

Finally, listen out for mention of Back to Frank Black, a charity book that recalls the superb US TV series Millenium, starring Lance Henriksen – James was involved with the book’s development!

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6 thoughts on “More Doctor Who Missing Episodes? The PodKast Discusses…

  1. I would bet, that if more lost episodes have been found, the BBC might be taking a policy of only announcing them closer to when they expect to release them, either on iTunes or DVD, rather than announcing things like the recovered episodes of Galaxy 4 and Underwater Menace, and then the fans waiting years for them to be made available. Just my theory, anyway.

    I was unlucky enough to be born in the gap between Tom Baker and Davison, so there was no Doctor Who airing during the time of my birth. However, I was born the day before the wedding of Charles and Diana. My mom remembers watching it in the hospital.

    The #1 song while I was born was Rick Springfield – “Jessie’s Girl” (US charts, since I’m American).

  2. I am a bit confused with the BFI thing – there’s one on Dec 21st in London, but I keep hearing people mentioning a similar thing near Edinburgh with a Scottish (no!!) theme to the recoveries and people thinking a missing Doc Who will be aired there. Things move quite quickly now, but your podcast was tactful and honouring to the work that has gone on. I think the reticence displayed about commenting too much on the recoveries was well done and reflected the feeling of not saying things that might upset people.

    And the “happy birthday” bit at the end was fine!

  3. How outrageously and scandalously typical of you mid-1970s baby boomers. You missed The Golden Age and try to conceal your denial by telling yourselves whopping fibs. Such as “there were good things about 80s Who” or “Davros wasn’t only good in Genesis.”

    Does it really matter why Davros changed from scientist to leader? He may have been unhinged throughout but he changed from an intelligent villain with a real philosophy into a ranting nutter.

    So ner with knobs on.

  4. Nicely done gentlemen, thought your discussion on the ongoing missing episodes drama was spot on with what you said and more importantly with what you didn’t say. I thought hearing you have a chat about the subject would make for a interesting podcast and it was, thank you. Am sure you’ll want to re-visit this topic in time. As things get resolved and more info and details come out into the open, as inevitably they will. Time will tell it always does ( sorry couldn’t resist ) and for the 28th Happy birthday Matt, Happy birthday James and like you most importantly Happy birthday to the late great IAN MARTER.

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