Day of the Daleks PodKast Special

With no Doctor Who series to enjoy, things are a little different on Kasterborous this month and the podKast (with a “K”) is no different. This week James, Christian and Brian discuss Day of the Daleks as part of a site-wide celebration of the serial, and cover all manner of interesting aspects of the serial’s story and production.

One thing we should say before you click play – we’re all particularly pleased with the outcome of this podKast, in which we’re able to refer to other shows and films such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Metropolis and Blade Runner, not to mention The Muppet Show and various other classic Doctor Who stories.


Along with the useful embedded tool above (which we’ll soon be changing to make things more accessible…) for playing back the podKast, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed ( or even find all of our ramblings on iTunes. (

Meanwhile you can keep up with all of our new content on this classic Doctor Who serial by looking out for the Day of the Daleks tag.

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