What Is the Best Dalek Story in Doctor Who?


We’ve had years of debate over who is the best Doctor, or what is the best adventure… but what about the real stars of Doctor Who? It’s about time we discussed the true importance of the Daleks, and their adventures. Which Dalek story is the greatest? Christian Cawley and James McLean consider… but will they end up dressed as Robomen by the end?

Probably not, but with 25 true “Dalek stories” since 1963, it’s probably time we talked about them in depth.

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2 thoughts on “What Is the Best Dalek Story in Doctor Who?

  1. I like Genesis of the Daleks. That is because it goes to the origins etc. I would so enjoy a remake with better effects and panoramic views of Skaro devastated by the perpetual war. Imagine some time and effort put into a remade presentation of the splendid story. 😀

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