Doctor Who Review: Time Heist S8 E5

Doctor Who: Time Heist

Although not guilty of anything, the Kasterborous podKast team (with a K) were forced back together by The Teller to review Time Heist this week. Did they enjoy it? Or was it a poorly cobbled-together collection of tropes and visuals from Hustle?

There’s only one way you’re going to find out: click play.


Introduction is by John Guilor, followed by Russell Hugo’s splendid Kasterborous PodKast theme tune!

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One thought on “Doctor Who Review: Time Heist S8 E5

  1. I was thinking about the scheduling point you guys picked up, and it’s entirely possible that the 8:30PM start times are not so much about the show going darker, and maybe more to do with making the simulcast times in America more bearable for the trans-Atlantic fans. I think that has to be an issue.

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