Spoons, Terminators, Soap & Doctor Who Missing Episodes in the PodKast

Matt Smith in Terminator

Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss more Doctor Who missing episodes news and a few other topical items that have been drawing attention over the past week.

So, along with our thoughts on the latest missing episodes development (if indeed it is related at all) we have a chat about Matt Smith’s casting in the new Terminator trilogy (also taking a sidestep to chew over the last two movies in that franchise-by-default).

We also spend a bit of time on the matter of whether Russell T Davies made Doctor Who “soapy” – or wasn’t it always a bit like that?

Finally, our recommendations – don’t miss the moment when Christian reveals who should have been the Doctor’s companion in Series 7a!


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5 thoughts on “Spoons, Terminators, Soap & Doctor Who Missing Episodes in the PodKast

  1. “Don’t miss the moment when Christian reveals who should have been the Doctor’s companion in Series 7a!”

    Okay, so before listening, I’m guessing Tricey.

    … Or, more likely, Brian.

  2. I can’t believe that Christian can just casually toss around names like the actor who played the Terminator. Did Jeremy Clarkson die for nothing?

  3. I didn’t entirely grasp RTD’s logic in saying that the kissing stuff only lasts a few seconds and that, without those few seconds, the Doctor would be denied a full life. It’s typical RTD though – he wants to write a particular way and, if anyone questions it, he invents some writer-theory which only makes sense if you don’t think about it too much.

    I reckon that that’s just the sort of stuff RTD likes to write, not that he thinks it specifically works in DW. My problem with the lovey dovey stuff is that, far from making the Doctor more interesting, it just pushes him towards banality.

  4. To add to your comments about The Power re-imagining being pulled and the general negativity towards P Morris and the omnirumour. It’s not i don’t think that all the fans aren’t grateful for Enemy and Web coming back it’s just the stance and the statements that have come out since. All Mr.Morris has to do is say one way or the other whether there is more to come and it would all be settled. What people don’t want to hear is there’s nothing more but expect the bloody unexpected!!. Because then fans will automatically think ooohh! there’s more to come so why doesn’t he tell us?. If there’s no more then say there’s no more period and even though we’d be dissapointed we’d except it, thank him; then move on. If there is more then just tell us. He doesn’t have to go into details, how much, when it’s coming, negotiations etc but just put us all out of our misery!. Just say yeah there’s more to come, i have found more but things are on-going and there’s still a lot of work to be done. Bloody ell even if he told us yeah i got a load more but i can’t be arsed to hand it over yet!, or am too busy or it’s complicated dealing with diff parties. Some fans feel like they do at the moment not because they feel P Morris hasn’t got anything else or don’t believe in the omirumour anymore but because they feel like he has loads more but is now just dicking around with there collective emotions. What got me was the statement in DWM about commercial sensitivity. That’s Mr Morris putting a V-sign up at fandom and saying sorry COMPANY POLICY SIR!!!, lol.

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