What Would You Wear for Time Travel?

The Day of the Doctor close

It’s podKast time, and this week we have a nice long chat about the various looks that the Doctor has had over the years and ask: what would you wear?

Faced with the prospect of chatting about a heckuva lot of Doctor Who news, Christian Cawley and James McLean cope admirably with the onslaught of interesting talking points with their usual irreverence and insight before getting stuck into the issue of time travelling attire in the classic and modern series.

With no Brian Terranova this time around, you’ll probably find that on this occasion his absence is almost unnoticed. After all, it’s a topic that he might have ended up dominating, what with his cosplay tendencies…

Listen out for lots of talk about Jon Pertwee’s waistcoat, Peter Capaldi’s real-life attire and Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch denying interest in each other’s shows. Oh and the recommendations are pretty good too!


The Kasterborous PodKast theme tune is arranged by Russell Hugo. Theme tunes are cool. Meanwhile, the artwork you see above is Lee Sullivan’s superb “Usual Suspects”.

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3 thoughts on “What Would You Wear for Time Travel?

  1. Wing collar shirt, bright waistcoat and scrunchy cravat and a morning ocat. Pretty much what I wear to work anyway

  2. This is gonna come as a shock to a lot of you, I think, but back when I was planning on doing a Doctor Who event in Second Life as the Doctor, my own original incarnation was going to be wearing a U-boat jacket, waistcoat, and scarf. Essentially, pretty much what John Hurt was wearing as the War Doctor.

    Great minds think alike, I guess?

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