Doctor Who: The Snowmen Review (Welcome to 2013!)

Doctor Who The Snowmen review

In our first podKast (with a “K”) of 2013, Christian Cawley and James McLean review The Snowmen, Doctor Who’s 2012 Christmas special. We also look forward to Series 7 and the 50th anniversary.

In particular, you can hear them discussing Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion Clara, the Doctor’s wonderful temporary home in the clouds and the interesting question of cross-species sexuality raised by the Silurian/human pairing of Madam Vastra and Jenny Flint.

Oh and we shouldn’t forget Sontaran Strax – or the memory worm.

As if that wasn’t enough, Christian and James also share their thoughts on the new TARDIS interior, the presence of Richard E. Grant and the great Sir Ian McKellen and also mull over the implications of the Doctor’s apparent memory loss about the Great Intelligence.

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One thought on “Doctor Who: The Snowmen Review (Welcome to 2013!)

  1. I remember before Jenna was cast and the character was revealed in Aslyum that people were calling for a companion who wasn’t the ordinary girl, who was something different and special. There are two camps of ideas in this regard and it’s impossible to appeal to both all of the time. I know Amy was wrapped up in River’s story, but she was an ordinary person (Rory too) seeing the wonders of the universe, especially in series 5. I personally like both types of companions, a more complicated companion doesn’t remove any of the mystery or wonder of The Doctor for me, because half of that battle is psychological

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