Retroactive Recursions & Doctor Who Series 9 Speculation

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

We’re back! Following a shock one-week hiatus (we’ll explain later), Christian Cawley and James McLean are back for a brand new podKast, as always discussing a variety of topics, with a special brief look at Doctor Who Series 9’s episode structure, as discussed in the recent Doctor Who Magazine.

Ready? So are we – click play and let’s get started!


The podKast theme tune is by Russell Hugo. It’s good, isn’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Retroactive Recursions & Doctor Who Series 9 Speculation

  1. The best podcast ever hello and nothing else. How frustrating for everyone involved. I’m just glad for all of you that it happened before the next series started.

    I wish with Legacy they would have a desktop version that isn’t on Facebook.

    I think for a lot of people if they are casual fans of the show they won’t spend $ on more material like Big Finish. Is Big Finish advertised in the UK outside of genre publications, websites and conventions? Do they mention Big Finish at the official DW events or just at independent or smaller events within the UK? In the US, the audio tradition is pretty much nonexistent except for Prairie Home Companion. So I would guess if they have less people in the US buying that’s why.

    1. Well we’re here to let America know its worth a dabble and can indeed be very rewarding when your imagination is key – I can make the sets wobble in my head and everything!

  2. When recording the Podcast, why doesn’t all three presenters record the podcast on their computers so there will be three copies. This would help in the misfortunate event that a technical fault happens again.

    1. We do occasionally do that, sometimes, we just prefer to see Christian suffer when through our own disinterest in being helpful, he is to blame.

  3. Series 7 was too sugar hit and slap dash for me with Nightmare in Silver being the main offender. Sure, Hide was good, but that’s because it didn’t go in for that sort of thing and was a well written story that didn’t need so many bells and whistles. I much prefer episodes that take their time and don’t rush through everything. I’m glad to hear that series 9 will have regular multi part stories, but I hope these stories really do need more than 45 minutes to be told.

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