Doctor Who Podcast Discusses Sonic Screwdriver

Sonic Screwdriver

It’s a Christian-free zone in the latest Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) as our great leader makes plans to continue the expansion of our noble Doctor Who website.

As a result, this will be the final podKast until the week following The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe, but fear not as this week’s podKast features Brian A Terranova and James McLean discussing the sonic screwdriver and its impact and place in Doctor Who lore.

From humble beginnings in 1968’s Fury from the Deep to its modern-day place as a Tricorder-like device, James and Brian discuss the way in which the device is used, has been brought in and out of the Doctor’s box of tricks over the years and pick favourite sonic screwdriver moments.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Podcast Discusses Sonic Screwdriver

  1. William Harnell’s pen torch was used as Patrick Troughton’s Sonic screw driver

    Compare the prop from Edge of Destruction to the one used in the Dominators and the War Games

    1. I agree that those were the same prop but according to the writers the Sonic wasn’t invented until Fury from the Deep. So sadly Hartnell never had a Sonic that we know of. Still, nothing is stopping us fans coming up with good theories about it.

      I realize after listening to this PodKast again that I did get a fact wrong (maybe more I am sure, other have more Sonic knowledge that I do) when Troughton uses his Sonic as a torch we don’t see flames come out, just on the wall. So I feel better that the Use of the Sonic in tat scene now.

      1. Actually, just had a look at the Edge of Destruction and the pen light that he uses in this story isn’t the saw as the one used by Troughton. Comparing screen caps together Hartnell’s has a ridge or a groove showing the tip is a cap where Troughton’s is smooth all the way up.

        That said, if we want to call this a Sonic for Hartnell (as someone pointed out a use in the Daleks I’d like to investigate) then it is just one more variant.

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