nuWho’s 10th Anniversary: Remembering Doctor Who Series 1, Part 1

Doctor Who Series 1

Yay, it’s podKast time! This week, Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova open the anniversary discussion, remembering Doctor Who Series 1 and mulling over the first 7 episodes, from Rose through to The Long Game. During the discussion, we recall the Rose leak, an event which had the potential to undermine the return of the show but instead had the fortunate effect of building interest!

Time to hit play.


PodKast introduction by John Guilor. Theme tune by Russell Hugo

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3 thoughts on “nuWho’s 10th Anniversary: Remembering Doctor Who Series 1, Part 1

  1. Looking forward to that the First Doctor podkast. He is more than flubbed lines, and he’s not an arrogant guy in the least.
    People see the First Doctor as arrogant and condescending. I don’t think so at all, and the reason I believe that is because all people act like the First Doctor. This is the youngest version of the Doctor we see. He is an academic from a society much more advanced than us. He is several centuries old, well-traveled in both space and time, and is an intellectual among his own people. Our elite may match wits with him on a subject or two, but no one of us is as well-rounded. Einstein might have some grand ideas about science, but does he know as much Earth history as the Doctor (or various alien histories)? No.
    And 99% of humans are condescending to variable degrees when it comes to what they know. How many whovians scoff as people unfamiliar with the show calling the Doctor, Doctor Who? Many. How many English majors mock people confusing their / they’re? How many mechanics think that people that can’t change their cars’ oil are idiots? How many people get frustrated when dealing with immigrants, or even worse natives of a country they’re visiting that don’t speak perfect English? The Doctor is that person, turned up to 11. And all of the other Doctors don’t tolerate humans more because they regenerated into that habit. The First Doctor learned to appreciate people in his “tenure”, and it has stuck around since.
    I also liked how he would be outright wrong sometimes. Like amusement park robots no way, landing inside our own minds for sure kind of way. He was a wily genius, but he wasn’t a god.

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