Nightmare in PodKast!

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It’s a full house this week as the Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) team is reunited for the penultimate episode of Doctor Who Series 7, Nightmare in Silver.

You might like to place your bets now as to how the team come out in support or criticism of the episode, but one thing is for sure – we’ve got new Cybermen whether we like it or not!

Also up for discussion this week is Steven “The Once Grand Moff” Moffat’s revelation about Series 8, the accidental release of The Name of the Doctor on DVD/Blu-ray and a general chat about the finale.



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2 thoughts on “Nightmare in PodKast!

  1. With the Blu-Ray of Season 7 Part 2 released early to some pre-order-ers, I have to wonder if it had been me, would I have the strength to not watch the finale until it came on TV at the end of the week? I guess I’d have to desperately distract myself with all the other material I have, audios and books and other episodes.

    OK, skipping over James’s endless badmouthing of Nightmare in Silver and offering my thoughts. I LIKED IT. However, I can see where it fell down in certain areas. My biggest gripe this season has been that the 45-minute single story format is feeling like even less time than usual to tell a decent story. There were several loose ends in this that I think would have improved the story if they’d had the time to develop them. I wanted to know more about the punishment platoon. Why were they there, what was each of them being punished for? Why was the amusement park closed down by Imperial decree? The Doctor talks to Cyber-Webley about people going missing from the park and being used as spare parts; this was the first mention of that, it was not even hinted at earlier. And why was Angie so nasty to Clara? I’m guessing her mother’s death and Clara coming in to take over the mother role affected her emotionally, but we haven’t explored that at all. All of this bothers me more than super upgraded Cybermen. At least in how the costumes were constructed, to me these are the first Cybermen that have really felt real, like this is how they would actually be in real life.

    I’m really not going to even guess at what we might learn about the Doctor and Clara in the finale, although I do tend to agree with the Clara being splintered in time theory. Its the only one that makes any sense at this point. Of course it would be nice if it wasn’t as simple as that.

    I have to agree, I enjoyed “Eldrad Must Die!” I liked the idea that Eldrad could regenerate from every particle that survived his botched obliteration, and that more bits survived than just the hand we saw in “The Hand of Fear”. I thought it was an interesting exploration of Turlough’s character, how much he didn’t like himself and the choices he’d made, with the other cast members playing the voices in his head or people in his memories. It was also good that while the affect of Eldrad and his influence was central to the story, the character himself didn’t really come into it until the final episode. My only complaint was the extreme convenience that they not only ran into one of Turlough’s old school mates, but that he was a fellow exile from Trion. That just felt a little too convenient for me.

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