300: What Do You Think of the New Doctor Who Logo?

Doctor Who logo 2018

We’ve had the new showrunner, the new Doctor, and shots of the new TARDIS. So it was about time Doctor Who fans got a flavour of the new logo! But what do you think of it?

Telling you what they think in this week’s podKast with a K are Christian Cawley and James Baldock, who also manage to cover some recent Doctor Who news and go off at some entertaining tangents.


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3 thoughts on “300: What Do You Think of the New Doctor Who Logo?

  1. If I was showrunner, I would take the Doctor away from the TARDIS for a while, but I wouldn’t have the Doctor stranded on Earth again. That idea just doesn’t excite me at all I’m afraid. I’d much rather see the Doctor become a prisoner on some giant space prison and have him/her forced against his/her will to travel throughout time and space solving mysteries. The Doctor could have a variety of different companions too – some alien, some human all hailing from different points in time and planets. You could have a mild arc as well about the Doctor plotting to get the TARDIS back and freeing his/her fellow prisoners. I would be more than happy for Chibnall or any future showrunner to use this idea!
    On the new theme, I’d personally like to hear Todd Terje have a go at it. His song Leisure Suit Preben sounds very Doctor Who to me, particularly about half way through. Worth a listen I reckon.

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