Kasterborous drops into the My 70s TV Childhood podcast!

My 70s TV Childhood podcast

Everyone is getting excited about Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary. After all, it is a show with many thrilling memories for a lot of people.

It’s been ages since James or myself appeared on someone else’s show, so when the team at My 70s TV Childhood got in touch, we naturally said “yes.”

We weren’t alone, either! Host Oliver Colling also spoke to hosts from other Doctor Who podcasts (incredibly, there are other podcasts) including Radio Free Skaro, WHO Corner to Corner, 50% Doctor Who Podcast, Travelling the Vortex, and All of Time and Space.

Unsurprisingly, the reason for the episode is to tie in with Doctor Who’s 60th birthday, but there is a lovely dimension to this show. After all, this is a podcast that is firmly rooted in the 1970s.

The result is a fun mix of memories and trivia, with thoughts and ideas about 1970s Doctor Who from Oliver.

James and I recorded our bits just last week, and have heard from Oliver’s producer that there was so much material from us and the other guests, they’ve enough for a second episode with us on. Gluttons for punishment, eh?

So, we’re also imposing ourselves on the next week’s My 70s TV Childhood podcast, which takes the shape of a 1970s Doctor Who quiz…

You can listen to the first of our My 70s TV Childhood podcast appearances via the showpage, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

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