Our Top 5 James Bond Movies Unveiled!

James Bonds

Here’s a nice sidestep on BeyondKasterborous: James McLean and Christian Cawley take time out from a regular podKast to discuss James Bond movies, and end up swapping their top 5 films from the series. Listen out for Connery’s eyebrows, George Baker as Bond, video games, Moore’s “oompf!”s and Daniel Craig’s lucre-driven career choices…

But which movies will come up trumps? Is Live and Let Die highly-regarded enough? What about the triumphant returns of the franchise with GoldenEye and later Casino Royale? Is Timothy Dalton’s early take on the book-style Bond (later the basis for the Daniel Craig movies) preferred over the oft-criticised light touch of Roger Moore (something that overlooks his power as perhaps the coldest killer of them all)?

Well, there is only one way to find out, so click play to listen.


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