Doctor Who Reviewed: Fugitive of the Judoon – Game Changer!

What? What?! WHAT?! So we’re midway through Doctor Who Series 12 and we’ve just been given a curveball the like of which has never been seen in the show. Judoon, the return of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), a buried TARDIS, a fugitive hiding on earth, a new incarnation of the Doctor… and more mystery about Gallifrey. 

Standard episodes just don’t do that, do they? But who was watching beyond the legion of Doctor Who fans? Sunday night, a perennial TV favorite on the other side… it takes a massive star to combat a show like Dancing on Ice.

So it is with a certain amount of excitement and trepidation that Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Gareth Kavanagh got together this week to discuss Fugitive of the Judoon…


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