Lego TARDIS Time Lapse Build

A few weeks ago I bought the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who TARDIS Kit, mainly because I’ve always wanted some genuine Doctor Who Lego, but also as a gift for my son.

Featuring a police box exterior, a control room interior, and figurines of the Twelfth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and Clara, the Lego TARDIS also includes two Daleks and a Weeping Angel figurine.

It’s a smart design, based on the Michael Pickwoad TARDIS interior, but perhaps the best aspect of the build is how the police box connects to the Lego TARDIS.

You start off building the police box, unsurprisingly from dark blue bricks. This design, once completed, can open up, providing a gateway to the interior of the TARDIS, to which it connects.

Issued in 2015, this build was created by fan-designer Andrew Clark and entered production after being selected by LEGO Ideas members. The result is the first piece of Doctor Who Lego, although a Twelfth Doctor, Lego TARDIS, K-9, Daleks, and Cybermen were all released for the series’ Lego Dimensions world.

Inspired by some time-lapse videos of people building Lego on YouTube, I decided to put this together, a video with introduction and outro, of me building the kit in just over 90 minutes. It’s a great kit, and I hope you can see just how much fun you can have building and playing around with it from this video.


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