Can Venom Work without Spidey?

Tom Hardy as Venom

Set for release later in 2018, the Venom movie trailer has been hitting TVs, phones and computers around the world. The dark atmosphere of the Tom Hardy-starring movie totally seems to suit… But some people aren’t happy.

You see, there’s no Spider-Man. Venom’s background is pretty much dependent on the presence of Peter Parker and/or Spider-Man. Although the Venom origin story has been revised slightly over the years, the symbiote’s existence prior to adopting Eddie Brock was within the pages of Secret Wars and subsequent/parallel Spider-Man comics. Without Spidey popping up, things get a bit confusing for fans of the character.

The thing is… it might not matter. Not to the millions of cinema goers worldwide who don’t even remember Spider-Man’s dalliance with the symbiote in 2004, never mind the 1980s. They want superhero fun, not needless backstory. If Venom can do this AND deliver the darkness the movie is promising, then director Ruben Fleischer has a hit on his hands.

If not… then where the heck was Spidey?!

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