Background – 2005 Series

There is alot of news and rumours flying around regarding the new series of Doctor Who. This section of Kasterborous will include only confirmed information.

Who is Christopher Eccleston?

Christopher Eccleston is a talented and highly regarded character actor. He is best known for his parts in “28 Days Later”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, BBC2’s “Our Friends In the North”, ITV1’s “The Second Coming” and “Cracker”, where he appeared early in the series. He also appeared in “Gone in 60 Seconds” and “The Others”, and as Derek Bentley in the film “Let Him Have It”.

Who is Billie Piper?

Billie Piper is perhaps best known as the 22 year old wife of millionaire radio disk jockey and television producer Chris Evans. She has had a career dating back to an advertising campaign as the face of teen magazine Smash Hits! In the mid 1990s, she had chart success with the singles “Because We Want To”, “Something Deep Inside”, “Walk of Life”, “Day And Night” and “Girlfriend”. More recently she has forged an acting career with roles in “Canterbury Tales – The Millers Wife”, “Bella and the Boys”, “The Calcium Kid” with Orlando Bloom.

Who is Russell T Davies?

Russell T. Davies is one of the country’s most renowned writers of original television drama. He has previously written a Doctor Who novel “Damaged Goods”, as well as writing “The Second Coming” (which starred Christopher Eccleston), Bob & Rose (2001), Queer as Folk 2 (2000) (mini), Queer as Folk (1999), Touching Evil (1997), The Grand, (1997), Children’s Ward (1993-1995). He has scripted 9 episodes of the new series – it can be safely assumed that everything that happens to the Doctor over the next series is down to RTD’s guiding hand…

When is the New Series set?

The New Series will begin on contemporary Earth. As far as the Doctor is concerned, we will be many years though his ninth incarnation. Other settings are reported to be the 19th century, the end of the solar system, WW2 and the near future.

Are the Daleks in it?

YES! Rejoice, celebrate and praise the BBC! Not only Daleks, but updated original Daleks and new, redesigned Daleks too! They really are spoiling us with these redesigned Daleks! There will be 2 stories featuring the Daleks! Does it get any better than this?

Is the Master in it?

At the moment, we’re unable to provide a clear answer for this question. Opinion at Kasterborous is that a character may turn out to be the Master, but as to how this will develop we don’t yet know.

Are the Cybermen in it?

As yet, there is no suggestion that the Cybermen will appear. Christopher Eccleston has stated in an interview with BBC News that the Cybermen won’t be appearing. We can only hope for them in the second series…

Who is doing the music/ theme tune?

Incidental music and the theme tune are processes that are applied in post-production. Murray Gold will certainly be doing incidental music.

The theme tune is expected to be announced in the New Year, following comments in DWM 350.

Who else is in it?

So far confirmed have been Noel Clarke, John Barrowman, Mark Benton, Annette Badland, Camille Coduri, Simon Callow, Penelope Wilton, Rupert Vansittart, Navin Chowdhry, Naoko Mori, Andrew Marr, Bruno Langley, Nicholas Briggs, Simon Pegg, Tamsin Grieg, Shaun Dingwall, and finally Richard Wilson. The vast amount of talent listed here is a definite indicator (if any were needed) of BBC1s commitment to this series of Doctor Who.

Where is it being filmed?

As a BBC Wales production, Doctor Who is being filmed primarily in and around Cardiff and Swansea. Some location filming has been done so far in London. No quarries are being utilised.

What about the scripts, the design, the makeup and all that stuff?

Well – here’s the full production list:

Russell T. Davies (executive producer / head writer), Julie Gardner (exec producer), Mal Young (exec producer), Phil Collinson (producer), Elwen Rowlands (script editor), Helen Raynor (script editor), Andy Pryor (casting), Ian Gruchfield (brand manager)

Also confirmed are:

Keith Boak (director, 1 & 4-5)

Euros Lyn (director, 2-3)

Joe Ahearne (director, 6 & 8)

Brian Grant (director, 7)

James Hawes (director 9-10)

Lowri Thomas (unit manager), Helen Vallis (production manager), Dathyl Evans (production co-ordinator), Clive Evans (location manager)

James DaHaviland (assistant director), Lloyd Ellis (first assistant director), George Gerwitz (first assistant director), Steff Morris (assistant director), Jon Older (first assistant director), Alex Mercer (third assistant director)

Gareth Hughes (camera operator: second unit)

Andy Prior (casting)

Liz Griffiths (costume design), Peter Walpole (costume design), Lucinda Wright (costume design)

Dathyl Evans (production coordinator), Mike Tucker (models and miniatures), Ernest Vincze (director of photography), David Houghton (visual effects supervisor), George Gerwitz (first assistant director)

Stuart Bray (special makeup), Neill Gorton (makeup and prosthetics), Linda Davie (assistant makeup artist), Sylvia James (makeup artist), Davy Jones (makeup designer)

Rob Mayor (special makeup supervisor), Sarah Wilson (hair stylist & makeup artist)

Patrick Begley (props), Bryan Hitch (art design & concept artist), Matt Savage (concept artist), Stephen Nicholas (supervising art director), Andy Smith (construction manager), Ian Richardson (sound)

John Tellick (sound), David Houghton (visual effects supervisor)

MillTV (special effects)

Any Effects (physical effects)

Mike Tucker appears so far to be the only link with the original 26 years.

Wow – a lot of people! When is it on television?

As yet, there is no definitive answer. UK broadcast on BBC1 is expected late Winter/ early Spring. Canadian broadcast is believed to be scheduled after the complete airing of the series in the UK. Australian, New Zealand and American broadcast deals have yet to be publicised.

So how long will it be on for?

There are 13 episodes planned:

1: Rose, by Russell T Davies

2: The End of the World, by Russell T Davies

3: The Unquiet Dead, by Mark Gatiss

4 & 5: Aliens of London & World War Three, by Russell T Davies

6: Dalek, by Rob Shearman

7: The Long Game, by Russell T Davies

8: Father’s Day, by Paul Cornell

9 & 10: The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances, by Steven Moffat

11: Boom Town, by Russell T Davies

12 & 13: Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways, by Russell T Davies

These titles may change before broadcast, and their order may change for transmission.

After this – who knows? Another 26 years would be nice though!

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