281: The Doctor Falls, Gets Up Again, Falls, Gets Up, etc.

We’ll be honest: you’ve probably heard this podKast before. Whether it was the Doctor Who series 9 finale podKast, the series 8 finale podKast, or even The Time of the Doctor, what you’re about to hear will seem extremely familiar.

Just like The Doctor Falls.

But on the other hand, how else are you going to spend 80 minutes in the company of Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Brian Terranova? So, indulge us as we drill-down into the flaws of The Doctor Falls, while keeping a firm hand on the episode’s positives.


One thought on “281: The Doctor Falls, Gets Up Again, Falls, Gets Up, etc.

  1. The good set up in the previous story is completely lost in this one. Moffat’s writing reminds me of a child making up a story as he goes along. This happens and there’s this guy and then this happens and they all get eaten by dinosaur. Oh, but Superman saves them all so they don’t get eaten by a dinosaur. This was a gosh-awful episode. Another everything but the kitchen sink story that makes no sense. Another companion put in grave peril where it never should have happened. And the consequence taken away almost by magic. And the Doctor leaves without knowing what’s become of his companions. Terrible. Good bye Moffat. I won’t miss you.

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