PodKast with a Companion!

Who is your favourite companion? Who is the TARDIS traveller you would happily see cast into a supernova (or left on a space freighter on a collision with prehistoric Earth)?

We tackle these questions and others in the latest Kasterborous podKast with a K, starring Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean.

If you’re a fan of Amy Pond, Adric or Dodo, look away now. Or avoid pressing play, one or the other.


On the other hand, if you like the idea of the Fourth Doctor travelling through time and space with a couple of old codgers or Donna Noble teaming up with the Sixth Doctor then hit the button, sit back and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “PodKast with a Companion!

  1. Guys!I’m gonna leap to the defence of Tegan cos she’s my favourite companion.lol.

    I don’t agree that she was constantly a whinger who didn’t want to be there throughout the whole of her stay. Granted she came across that way at first, particularly in Four To Doomsday and The Visitation when she was determined to get back home, but in Black Orchid she does state that the Doctor doesn’t need to keep trying to get her home anymore, and from this point I don’t think she’s any more of a moaner than your average companion over situations that she finds herself in.

    I think she was defensive,brave and loyal towards her fellow travellers and her mistrust of Turlough when he first came on board was totally understandable given he started off trying to kill the Doctor. She looks after the Doctor in Castrovalva and The Five Doctors when he collapses and is totally gutted when they lose Adric (or at least, no more and no less than Nyssa and the Doctor at this point) and when Nyssa decides to stay put on Terminus.

    There are at least 13 companions between Ian and Barbara and Tegan, and every single one is happy to travel with the Doctor so I think it’s refreshing that we see it from the point of view of someone who is demonstrative about the fact that, at first, she does not want to be there. I’m probably mistaken here but the only story outside of her first full season that I can actually remember her whingeing is in Terminus when she’s stuck in a load of service ducts with someone she doesn’t like, and if I ever find myself in that situation i’d probably do the same.

    I think Tegan was a brilliantly ballsy character who was not afraid to stand up for herself. Winner,not whinger! haha.

    Good podkast guys!

  2. Oh, by the way….I did have trouble finding this particular podkast on the website. I only knew that you were doing one on companions because you’d mentioned it at the end of a previous one so had to hunt it down. If you tap in ‘podkasts’ in the search box on the front news page it takes you to one list, but if you tap in ‘podkast’ without the ‘s’ it takes you to a separate list which was where I found this one. So they’re not all together. Just thought I should let you know.

  3. Hi again! Seems all the links to podcasts wont work still from here on to the 8 you repaired last week. (Thanks for that again!) If it’s too much work to repair every single link, maybe you can put the missing podcasts in a dropbox or something, so I can download them all at once?

    I hope I’m not nagging you all to much. I guess I’m strange that way, but I usually find podcasts that are not that recent much more interesting.

    1. Hi! I’ve worked it out, I think, that it seems to be a hangover from moving to a new webhost, which occurred in early 2012. Working through updating the links over this weekend, but this one should work shortly 😀

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