PodKast With Tenth Doctor Cosplay Star Brian Terranova!

Tenth Doctor cosplay with Brian Terranova

James McLean, Brian A Terranova and Christian Cawley bring you their weekly discussion of all things Doctor Who in the latest podKast (with a “K”). This week, Brian regales with tales of the Louisville WizardWorld Comic Con in which he appeared in his Tenth Doctor cosplay glory for a panel!

We also discuss the latest casting and related rumours about Doctor Who Series 8, and offer our usual weekly recommendations.

Oh and listen out for a few recollections of late 70s/early 80s Saturday morning children’s show Swap Shop, nuclear drills and some special post-production horns…

Ready? Click play below to get started!


The Kasterborous PodKast theme tune is arranged by Russell Hugo. Lovely, isn’t it?

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One thought on “PodKast With Tenth Doctor Cosplay Star Brian Terranova!

  1. 10th Doctor cosplay “celebrity”? Give me a break. More like 10th Doctor cosplay knobhead who thinks he is a celebrity. Get real people

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